Asbestos in Artex

Artex is a trade name for a type of textured coating that is commonly found on walls and ceilings in houses and businesses. It was used extensively throughout the 70’s and 80’s. During this time, some texture ceiling coatoings contained asbestos that are now known to be hazardous to our health.

Asbestos has been banned in the UK since 1999; however, it still remains within wall coatings and ceilings that were put up before this time. It is a hazardous substance that can cause ill-health to anyone who comes into contact with it. If disturbed, minuscule fibres are released into the air, causing serious, long-term damage to people’s health. It is a carcinogen, meaning it is linked to cancers – particularly lung cancers – in humans. The removal of asbestos is covered by legislation, meaning suitably trained and licensed individuals.

How Can I Tell if my Walls or Ceilings Contains the Material?

Artex used on walls and ceilings are often coated with paint, which makes it difficult to tell whether they contain the fibres. If the Artex is left alone and has an intact coating of paint, then it is unlikely to release any fibres that can damage health. However, if the coating is disturbed, such as through drilling or sanding, then harmful fibres can be released. If the wall or ceiling covering is a brown colour, it may be constructed of plaster. However, if it is white all the way through, then it may contain the hazardous fibres. Due to the health risks associated, it is recommended that you do not attempt to perform any work on walls or ceilings that have an Artex coating without a survey first being carried out. Asbestos surveys of your house can identify Artex or ceiling coatings contains asbestos.

Asbestos Surveys

We can provide a survey to check whether the ceiling coatings and Artex in your home or business contains asbestos fibres. If you run a business, legislation states that you must provide a safe environment for your employees. Breaches in the health and safety legislation can result in high fines and long prison sentences. Asbestos surveys can help you identify areas that need to be worked on to ensure you meet the current health and safety legislation.

If you are planning on doing any work in a home that was built or refurbished before 1999, you may have Artex containing the hazardous material. A survey of your home or business will allow us to safely identify for you any Artex containing the harmful material. This can protect the health of you, your family or employees within the building.

It is difficult if not impossible to identify Artex or ceiling coatings contains asbestos through looks alone. A survey and asbestos sampling can identify the material and if needed, we are licensed to remove it.

We offer an impartial Asbestos Removal Project Management Service where we completely survey the property and use third party independent contractors to ensure that any AMC’s, rubble or contaminated loose material is disposed of legally & safely.

More information

For more information about ACM’s also see our webpage on Asbestos Containing Materials , contact us directly or see the Government health & Safety Executive website information titled HSE:- Where can you find asbestos?

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