Asbestos in Insulation Panels & Pipe Lagging

Conduct regular asbestos surveys to ensure that your insulation materials are all safe

Asbestos fibres can be found in many common types of insulation, and they can be very hazardous to health.Some of the worst types of asbestos containing materials is some forms of asbestos based pipe lagging insulation.


To avoid the risk of serious health conditions such as the incurable cancer mesothelioma, it is crucial to conduct regular surveys to ensure that no hazardous fibres are exposed in your insulation materials.

Asbestos Pipe Lagging & Insulation Panels

Which types of insulation can asbestos be found in?

Asbestos fibres are commonly found in insulating boards for walls, floors and ceilings. As asbestos is usually safe to be around unless the surface is abraded or broken up (as this releases the fibres into the air), these boards may be deemed safe to use after a survey, provided that they are in good condition. However, for the past century, loose asbestos has been used as an insulating material in wall and ceiling cavities. This can present a particularly grave risk as it maximises the chances of fibres being inhaled if the cavity is cracked or otherwise broken and the loose material is exposed to the air.

The importance of regular, impartial surveys

We provide a range of Asbestos Management Survey, Asbestos Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys and Asbestos Sampling Services for all types of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) including insulating materials.

We will be able to detect the presence of hazardous asbestos fibres in insulating boards and cavities, and we will also provide clear advice about how to maintain and remove or replace these materials as necessary. At all times, we will ensure that you comply with the relevant 2012 legislation regarding the treatment of building materials containing these hazardous fibres.

Where removal or maintenance work needs to be carried out, this will be done by means of a third party specialist in compliance with the law (it is a legal requirement that surveys and any work resulting from those surveys is impartial). We also offer a Asbestos Removal Project Management Service where we use third party independent contractors to ensure that any AMC’s, rubble, old insulation boards, and contaminated loose material is disposed of safely and legally (as you may know, it is not permissible to dispose of these hazardous materials in usual domestic waste collections, or in skips).

Protect your staff, your family and your building contractors today

For more information or to arrange a survey today to ensure that you are doing all that you are required to do by law in terms of protecting the health and safety of everyone who uses your building. Some properties may require asbestos management or need to be checked on a regular basis: as mentioned above, even a small crack in a wall cavity can release dangerous fibres into the air.

More information

For more information about ACM’s also see our webpage on Asbestos Containing Materials , contact us directly or see the Government health & Safety Executive website information titled HSE:- Where can you find asbestos?

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