Asbestos Removal Project Management Services

Complete service from start to finish

The project management of licensed asbestos removal is an additional service we offer to our clients. We will take full responsibility of the planning , removal and the closing of the project, ensuring a stress-free process from start to completion.

We are accountable for the planning and implementing the exact needs of our clients, creating  clear and attainable objectives, building the project requirements and managing costs, time and the scope of works.

So Resolve have completed your survey, and asbestos has been found. If you need this removing quickly and hassle free that’s where our project management comes in.

Resolve Asbestos Management are not licensed contractors, we feel that would be too much of a conflict of interest, but work closely with a number of licensed contractors.

Firstly we would arrange the survey to be sent out to at least three licensed contractors in your area. We only ever work with approved licensed contractors that understand the demand for quality. Once the prices have been obtained we would sit down and consult with you to choose the best one for your project.

The Next Steps

  • Provide guidance on processes and procedures
  • Vetting RAMS, insurances etc.
  • Review all plans of works
  • Constant monitoring of contractors
  • Witness the smoke test to check the integrity of the enclosure
  • Make provisions for a UKAS accredited analyst on site to carry out any analytical works
  • A final completion report

As a result of this, the project manager will be able to guide the project through any issues that might arise and keep the project within budget.

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