Asbestos Sampling

(prices starting from £49.00 +VAT)

Resolve Asbestos Management offer a full range of testing and sampling services across the country starting from just £49.00+vat, using only UKAS Accredited laboratories to provide you with confidence and reassurance of a first class service.

We can do a single sample through to a complete survey with sample analysis.

With most samples turned round within 48 hours and only using UKAS Laboratories this enables us to meet the needs of our clients and provide analysis results on time.
No matter if the sample comes from a construction site, school, factory or a private dwelling you can be confident of the correct analysis result.

Asbestos Sampling Options

Option 1 – Send your sample direct to us (prices starting from £49.00 +VAT)

  • Lay down a disposable plastic sheet to catch any loose material that may fall off while taking the sample
  • Wear disposable gloves and PPE (read the HSE guidelines for more information)
  • Wet the material using a fine mist of water containing a few drops of detergent before taking the sample. The mist will reduce the release of fibres
  • Carefully cut a thumbnail piece from the entire depth of the material using pliers or choose a piece that has already broken off
  • Place the small piece into a self-sealing polythene bag
  • Put this in a second self-sealing bag
  • Label the bag with the date, location and any other information that may be useful to the laboratory
  • Use a damp disposable rag to clean up any material around the area sampled
  • Seal the edges with waterproof sealant where the sample was taken
  • Carefully wrap the plastic drop sheet and secure with tape. Place this in a thick plastic waste bag
  • Wipe down all tools and equipment used with a damp rag
  • Place disposable gloves, coveralls and damp rag into the plastic bag with the drop sheet and seal the bag. Place the sealed bag, inside another sealable bag. Mark the outer bag as containing asbestos waste and dispose of it at a facility licenced to accept asbestos waste.


Option 2 – Site Visit to carry out the sampling / testing

(prices starting from £125.00 +VAT)

One of our fully qualified and experienced surveyors will visit your site and take care of  the entire process for you. The site visit will include;

  • An intensive inspection of all the potential areas where asbestos may be found in the suspected locations.
  • Our surveyor will safely remove samples for lab analysis to confirm findings
  • Certified confirmation on the asbestos status of the location within 2 working days.

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