Refurbishment and Demolition Survey Lytham, Lancashire

We at Resolve Asbestos Management visited the site in Preston, Lancashire to carry out an Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Survey in connection with obligations with respect to the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012. We carried out the requested Survey in accordance with HSG264 and HSG227 to determine whether asbestos or asbestos containing materials (ACMs) were contained within the building.

The site is located in Preston Lancashire and consists of a semi-detached building, believed to have been built in the 1950s. The building was carefully inspected by our qualified asbestos surveyor with samples of suspect materials collected as deemed necessary.

During this asbestos survey in Lytham, Lancashire, we took many samples of potential asbestos containing materials, we discovered Category B & D asbestos containing materials(ACM’s) including Wall Panels, Ceiling Textured Coating and the Lift shaft lining. the Category B materials are regarded as having medium potential to release fibres if disturbed. We recommended that these materials containing asbestos be removed from the site using a licensed/competent asbestos removal contractor prior to demolition works take place.

If you require an asbestos refurbishment & demolition survey on your property or site in Blackpool, Preston & Lancashire, please contact us.

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